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Surinder Rattan

This week in Eastern Vibes, Ruman interviews Surinder Rattan on the show.

Surinder Rattan single-handedly changed UK Bhangra in 2000 through his Garage fusion Tappe from the album The Lick. Pioneering House Music with UK Bhangra and the inclusion of UK MC’s on Bhangra Music. Tappe was and still is widely regarded as a pioneering track. It started a mass new wave of interest for thousands if not millions of people into this genre of music and started a worldwide music craze in blending together the unique sounds of Bhangra and Two Step Garage.

‘The Lick’ launched Metz as the first Asian MC on a Bhangra release and gave a break and debut for the famous RDB brothers. More recently Surinder has been responsible for launching artists such as Roach Killa & Garry Sandhu with more to follow from his camp.

Surinder Rattan is said to be one of the best producers in the British Asian music scene. Since then Surinder has produced major hits such as Kala Kala Munda, Tappe 2, Ambersaria, Akh Largai, Yaara Dil Dara and in 2013 Has Has, which changed the scene again with a fresh sound of dance fused with Bhangra.

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